A Spanish company supplying CRT glass to the European ceramics industry has been seeing glass tonnages from the U.S. steadily increase.

In an update sent to E-Scrap News, JJ Santos of Camacho Recycling says demand in the European ceramic tile industry for both panel and funnel glass is “increasing more and more.”

Moreover, he expects Camacho will receive more than 67,000 tons of CRT glass from the U.S. in 2015. Glass tonnages, according to Santos, will also start arriving from Canada this month.

The company made waves at the E-Scrap Conference last October after presenting on its business model, which boasts competitive pricing despite being far from U.S. processors. It’s also a rare example of a CRT glass processing operation that’s already in operation and is permitted to take and recycle U.S. CRT glass.

One U.S. company that’s begun sending glass to Camacho is Global Environmental Services (GES). As part of GES’ new contract to process Kentucky’s governmental e-scrap, the firm will be sending glass to Camacho for use in the tiles.

The overall process has received support from the U.S. EPA as a legitimate recycling option for CRT glass processors.