The Glass Recycling Coalition hopes the survey will shed light on how glass recycling programs have been affected by pandemic-era markets. | Jared Paben/Resource Recycling

An industry group has launched a survey of recycling industry stakeholders to bring clarity to how they recover glass. 

The Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC) recently launched its 2023 glass recycling survey, which was last conducted in 2020. The survey seeks input from haulers, MRFs, community recycling program managers, recycling coordinators, glass processors, end users and manufacturers.  

It asks about the types of glass collection programs, motivations for glass recycling and challenges in programs. 

“This survey is extremely important and strong participation by local governments, glass manufacturers, and MRFs across the country is crucial to better understanding the challenges unique to the glass recycling industry,” Scott DeFife of the Glass Packaging Institute and GRC Leadership Committee stated in a press release. “This is the first time since 2020 that the GRC has performed this survey, and we are excited to compare the results to previous years to see how local programs are performing and what the GRC can do to help get more glass cullet into the supply chain.”

The online survey is being conducted and managed by Resource Recycling Systems (RRS). The deadline to share your insights is Sept. 22. 

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