An EU proposal to end plastics exports was of interest to our readers last month. | European Parliament Multimedia Centre

Readers clicked on coverage of an emerging glass market, cross-Atlantic plastic trade concerns, a newly formed family of recycling companies and more last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in January in terms of unique page views.

Making new glass bottles is generally considered the highest and best use for cullet, but recycling glass into a cement substitute is actually better from a greenhouse gas perspective, speakers on a recent webinar said.

2 | EU-to-US scrap plastics trade under threat

A branch of the European Union wants to end all exports of recovered plastics within the next four years, a move that would undoubtedly disrupt trade with the U.S. One company leader suggested the impacts could hinge on what the EU decides to consider “waste.”

3 | Closed Loop’s push to link MRFs, organics and more

Last year’s launch of Circular Services created a new family of varied recycling companies, yet they’re all focused on a circular economy and are fueled with hundreds of millions of dollars in fresh capital.

4 | Study compares chemical, mechanical recycling methods

A study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory evaluated various PET recycling methods from technical, economic and environmental standpoints to provide a big-picture overview of today’s options.

5 | Debating what it takes to make people trust recycling again

American consumers think recycling is of great importance, but their trust in the actual system has been slipping for years. A recent webinar brought experts together to brainstorm solutions.

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