Mazza Recycling Services team photo

Staff of Mazza Recycling Services proudly feature their bronze MRF glass certificate from the Glass Recycling Coalition. | Courtesy of the Glass Recycling Coalition

The MRF Glass Certification Program has recognized sorting facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for their glass recovery efforts.

The MRF Glass Certification Program awarded a gold-level certification to Centre County Recycling in Bellefonte, Pa. The MRF is the first multi-stream facility to be certified by the program.

Mazza Recycling Services, which is based in Tinton Falls, N.J., earned the program’s first bronze-level certification. The company’s MRF, built in 2020, sorts 40 tons per hour of single-stream material.

Launched in fall 2019, the MRF Glass Certification Program is run by the Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC). It has awarded certifications to 13 U.S. MRFs.

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