Fiber containers in recycling bins.

Recovered fiber markets caught reader attention last month. | sylv1rob1/Shutterstock

Markets and contamination were the hot topics in June, with all of our most popular articles highlighting these issues.

The list below shows our top stories published in June in terms of unique page views.

1 | With OCC plummeting, MRFs face tough decisions
Recycling operators across the country two years ago were enjoying record high values for old corrugated containers. Now, they are either storing the material, unloading it at little profit or sending loads to disposal.

2 | Republic files suit over Connecticut contamination
A division of Republic Services recently brought legal action against a public authority, claiming it is handling loads far dirtier than what the two sides agreed to in a contract.

3 | Not much light at end of mixed-paper tunnel
North America’s residential mixed-paper prices are deep in the negative numbers in some areas. That pain will likely persist for some time, one analyst predicts.

4 | Market woes cause MRF closure in Ontario
A perfect storm of industry pressures, including declines in commodity prices and rises in freight costs, led a Canadian waste and recycling firm to shutter this week.

5 | Recovered fiber values continue to drop
The price for OCC declined by nearly 13% over the past month. Other fiber grades also fell.