comment / Brian_A_Jackson, Shutterstock_424211716_110816California officials are asking for input on how to appropriately regulate secondary-glass processors with residue rates above 10 percent.

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has scheduled a workshop for Dec. 20 to receive comments on the proposed regulations. Comments can also be submitted via email.

The move comes after CalRecycle imposed emergency regulations in early October aimed at keeping the doors open for glass processors with residue rates of 10 percent or higher. Under state regulations, processors disposing of more than 10 percent of what they receive are required to obtain solid waste facility permits. Enforcing those rules would have effectively meant shutting down most of the state’s secondary glass processing infrastructure while the facilities went through potentially drawn-out permit processes.

The emergency regulations carved out a temporary exemption for the processors. They don’t have to obtain solid waste facility permits but are now subject to regular inspections. The emergency rules are in place for 180 days.

Now, officials are seeking input for permanent regulations to replace the emergency ones. CalRecycle is asking what the public thinks is the appropriate level of oversight. They’re also asking about other secondary recyclable materials handling activities that should possibly be subject to regulation.