Industry analysis from the nation’s largest haulers, glass recycling possibilities and an innovation called the Trashbot all grabbed plenty of readers last month.

The list below shows the five most-read Resource Recycling online stories during the month of September. The list is determined by number of unique page views.David Steiner

1 | Waste Management CEO says recycling must brace for change
David Steiner is OK feeling the wrath of some recycling professionals – as long as it leads to better business.

2 | Republic details recycling numbers and goals
Republic Services, the second-largest waste hauler in North America, has released its 2015 sustainability report, and the assessment offers insights into how the company is managing its recycling program.

3 | Improving glass recycling is a group effort
How can recycling programs across the country efficiently recover glass and overcome challenges in the the value chain? Several stakeholders delved into the issue at the Resource Recycling Conference.

4 | Helping cities and MRFs find common ground on contracts
A quartet of industry experts recently explored the pressing issues affecting recycling processing contracts, including lower commodities values, higher contamination rates and a constantly evolving ton. .

5 | Q&A: ‘Trashbot’ could be the future of public-space collection
A startup is using robotics, artificial intelligence and the cloud to combat recycling contamination at one of its sources: public collection bins.