For the past 14 months, The Recycling Partnership has supplied an average of 235 recycling carts each day to U.S. curbside programs, according to the group.

In total, it has supplied more than 100,000 carts, and another 47,000 will be distributed this fall, the industry-funded nonprofit organization announced. The 100,000 carts were rolled out in three cities the group has worked with over the last year: Columbia, S.C.; Florence, Ala.; and Richmond, Va.

The group works with private-sector partners and municipalities to support single-stream recycling efforts around the country. “The Recycling Partnership prides itself on triggering change through highly leveraged seed grants,” said the group’s communications director, Elizabeth Schussler. “The bulk of the cost is still covered through local funding, state grants and other means, but having our money on the table helps to get a city to ‘yes’ around the decision to switch to carts.”

The group estimates more than 430,000 additional households will benefit in 2015 from educational materials the group provides outside of its grant dollars.