ABC News won a National Press Club Journalism Award for its May 2023 investigation into the U.S. film recycling system. “Trashed: The Secret Life of Plastic Recycling” used GPS trackers to follow plastic film that was dropped off at retail recycling locations. 

Founder Vytas Gruodis is leaving a 13-year partnership with Bantam Materials UK to focus on his North American business, Bantam Materials International

Biotrend and Freepoint Eco-Systems announced they will partner to develop chemical recycling projects in Turkey, the Balkans and Central Asia with a total production capacity of 250,000 tons annually. The plants will use pyrolysis. 

CalRecycle revised its beverage container handling fees, effective July 1, from 0.607 cents per container to 1.158 cents, citing the passage of SB 156

Montreal-based Polystyvert secured $16 million in investor funding to develop PS recycling. The company expects its first commercial plant, for recycling highly contaminated PS, to be operational in 2026.

Protective packaging manufacturer Pregis published its 2023 sustainability report, noting that 51% of its revenues came from paper-based, bio-based or minimum 30% recycled content products.