The 162,000-square-foot Blue Polymers facility will process PE and PP in Buckeye, Arizona after it becomes operational in late 2025. | Mr_Mrs_Marcha/Shutterstock

The second Blue Polymers recycled resin facility will be sited in Buckeye, Arizona, and is slated to open in late 2025. 

Part of a series of four recycling facilities, the 162,000-square-foot facility will process PE and PP to put into sustainable packaging and “other applications requiring increased recycled content,” according to a press release

Blue Polymers previously announced another facility in Indianapolis. The company is a joint venture between Republic Services and polymers producer Ravago. 

Blue Polymers intends its four facilities to eventually have a combined production capacity of more than 300 million pounds of recycled resin per year.

Republic is also concurrently developing a network of sortation facilities it calls Polymer Centers to produce feedstock from its curbside collection. The Polymer Centers will be linked with Blue Polymers facilities, and the Buckeye facility will process feedstock from Republic’s Las Vegas Polymer Center, which has been in operation since the end of 2023.

Republic noted last year that it plans to invest about $160 million over the next five years into the project, and the company estimated the plants could bring in up to $32 million in annual earnings. 

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