A story about EFS-plastics’ recycling investments drew interest from readers in November. | Courtesy of EFS

Reclaimer equipment investments, brand owner PCR usage and the loss of a film drop-off database were among the most-read stories last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in November in terms of unique page views.

1 | EFS-plastics to invest $17M in recycling technologies

Plastics reclaimer EFS-plastics will invest $17 million in recycling technologies at its locations in Pennsylvania and Alberta over two years, the company announced.

2 | Plastic bag drop-off guide is taken off-line

A long-running comprehensive guide to public drop-off sites accepting plastic film has been taken down, leaving a gap in consumer-facing recycling information for bags and other flexible packaging.

3 | Report: Major brands upped PCR, used more virgin plastic

The fifth report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that a few big-name brands’ increased use of virgin plastic has been offsetting the overall reduction achieved by the rest of the reporting companies.

4 | Republic extends plastics project to Indianapolis

Republic Services announced that its second plastics processing and production hub, expected to come on-line in late 2024, will be located in Indianapolis.

5 | Reclaimer, sorting facilities receive PET recovery grants

The PET Recycling Coalition has given grants to four companies, including a plastics reclaimer, to help them better recover and recycle post-consumer PET.