LyondellBasell’s MoReTec equipment. | Courtesy of LyondellBasell

Stories quoting leaders at LyondellBasell, Granite Peak Plastics, Plastic Recycling Inc. and others drew ample clicks last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in October in terms of unique page views.

1 | Polyolefins producer details its catalytic pyrolysis process

LyondellBasell says its chemical recycling technology presents environmental benefits over competing pyrolysis processes, particularly because the company can use both the liquid and gas outputs as feedstock for new plastics.

2 | Reclaimer pursues ‘huge market’ for scrap polyolefins

Granite Peak Plastics foresees its newly unveiled railroad tie product eventually providing a market for all of the plastic reclaimer’s post-consumer PE.

3 | Plastic Recycling Inc. merges with St. Joseph Plastics

Two plastics reclaimers have merged to form one company with nine facilities and about 300 employees across the Midwest and South.

4 | France plans to launch Digimarc Recycle nationally

After several years of testing, the “Holy Grail 2.0” project announced it will move forward with a countrywide pilot of Digimarc’s digital recycling technology in France in 2024.

5 | Recycling, NGO reps weigh in on chemical recycling

Chemical recycling has potential but requires careful regulation, more transparency, and an eye to the overall effect on the planet, members of the environmental and recycling communities said in a recent webinar.