The technology behind Terraloy earned Teknor Apex the Bioproduct Innovation of the Year Award in 2015. | Teknor Apex

In response to increasing market demand, Teknor Apex is relaunching Terraloy, a previously discontinued line of recycled, bio-derived and biodegradable compounds. 

The Terraloy brand includes polymers, additives and fillers. In time, Teknor will also provide “credible products with verifiable carbon footprint and LCA data,” a press release noted. 

The Terraloy brand won several awards in 2014 and 2015 from the Plastics Industry Trade Association and Ohio State University’s OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center. It was later discontinued. 

Michael Roberts, Teknor’s chief innovation officer, said in the press release that building on Terraloy’s heritage platform “is a critical step on our path to accelerating the implementation of circular solutions in a way that promotes confidence, transparency, accessibility and consistency.”

“Our efforts support our history as a sustainability focused partner in the value chain focused on providing customers with new materials that meet their sustainability requirements,” he added. 

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