The Alliance to End Plastic Waste shared its 2022 progress report “Catalysing Impact,” noting that about 190,000 people were educated through the program.  

Google’s 2022 environmental sustainability report noted that about 30% of the content of new products launched and manufactured in 2022 was recycled material. 

Indorama expanded its recycling facility in Brazil, increasing PET PCR production capacity from 9,000 tons to 25,000 tons per year.

LyondellBasell acquired Mepol Group, a manufacturer of recycled technical compounds with locations in Italy and Poland, for an undisclosed amount.

To make recycling easier, German retailer Netto Marken-Discount digitized its private labeled food and beverage products using Digimarc

PepsiCo released its 2022 sustainability report, noting that its total plastic use increased 4% from 2021 and its use of virgin plastic increased by 2% from 2021, an overall 11% increase from a 2020 baseline