ADG Solutions expanded its product line to include pelletizer Baracco and filtration equipment manufacturer Break Machinery. 

ALPLA invested $64.7 million to build a South African facility with a planned output of 35,000 tons of RPET annually. 

Circular Polymers launched Cerene, a line of recycled polymers derived from carpet. 

Ethos Asset Management invested an undisclosed amount in Plastic Bank to provide long-term financing.  

An amended bill to create extended producer responsibility for packaging in New York failed to pass this legislative session. 

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is requesting public comment on proposed Recycling Modernization Act rules. 

PTTGC America chose a specific site in Fayette County, Ohio to house a recycling facility that will pelletize PET beverage bottles. 

Riverside Natural Foods funded the collection of 2 million pounds of plastics in partnership with rePurpose Global.