The Association of Plastic Recyclers hired Gabby Ryan as meeting coordinator and Richard Abramowitz as director of film and flexibles. 

U.K.-based recycler Biffa diverted over 1,600 metric tons of PET from landfill by focusing on small flakes.  

Recycling company Commercial Plastics installed Sorema equipment at its PET recycling plant in Myanmar. 

Circular Action Alliance, a producer responsibility organization selected to carry out recycling obligations in Colorado, opened requests for proposals for a needs assessment. The deadline for questions is June 2 and the submission deadline is June 30. 

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) thanked retiring Delaware Senator Tom Carper for his leadership and for founding the Recycling Caucus.

Sustainable technology company Newpark Resources joined the Cyclyx International consortium. 

Chemical supply chain services company Quantix joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste

2024 Plastics Recycling Conference