Manfred Hackl, EREMA Group CEO, was named Plastics Recycling Ambassador of the Year at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe. 

Greg Janson, president and CEO of Granite Peak Plastics, did a Q&A with PetroChemWire. 

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council updated its Design Guidelines for Optimal Hospital Plastics Recycling. 

LyondellBasell published its inaugural green financing framework, establishing principles for its future green investments. 

LyondellBasell, Infinity Recycling and Invest-NL invested $14.1 million in Netherlands-based chemical recycler Pryme to help commercialize its pyrolysis process.

SABIC launched the LNP ELCRIN WF0051iQ compound, an iQ grade with thin-wall, non-brominated/non-chlorinated flame retardants for electrical applications.

BASF, Grundéns, Net Your Problem and trinamiX hosted collection events for fishing waste in Seattle.