Mexican glasses company Ben & Frank launched a line of frames made with Eastman’s chemically recycled plastic. 

EREMA Group reported about $395 million in overall turnover and the delivery of 350 extruders over its 2022-23 fiscal year. 

PureCycle reached mechanical completion of its polypropylene purification plant in Ironton, Ohio and its CEO, Dustin Olson, met with the South Korean president.

Reloop North America launched Bottle Bill Common Ground, a newsletter that covers best practices of high-performing deposit return systems. 

SABIC released the LNP ELCRIN WF0051iQ compound, an iQ-grade resin with thin-wall, non-brominated and non-chlorinated flame retardance, for electrical applications.

SC Johnson and Plastic Bank prevented 40,000 metric tons of coastal plastic from entering the ocean. 

Shredder equipment manufacturer Vecoplan will build a $6.75 million manufacturing facility in North Carolina. 

Bruno Folcieri
Van Dyk Recycling Solutions