Carbios will build a manufacturing plant for depolymerized PET in France, in partnership with Indorama Ventures. The $224 million facility, with a processing capacity estimated at 50,000 tons of post-consumer PET per year, is slated to be operational by 2025. 

ExxonMobil has completed its first commercial sale of certified circular polymers, using its Exxtend technology for chemical recycling of plastics. The purchaser is converter Berry Global.

Kraft Heinz told nonprofit activist shareholder group As You Sow it will set a virgin plastic reduction goal within a year, and in response, As You So agreed to withdraw a shareholder proposal seeking information on how the company would reduce its use of plastic packaging.

The Recycling Partnership released a National Recycling Database, offering a comprehensive source for local recycling information across the U.S. The tool aims to inform stakeholders which materials are recyclable at the local level, a step that can help improve packaging recyclability.

The largest recycled PET producer in the Middle East and North Africa region, BariQ for Techno and Advanced Industries, selected TOMRA Recycling’s bottle-to-bottle sorting equipment for its new recycling plant in Egypt.