The Ecotech division of AMUT announced that it won an Australian contract to design and supply a plastics recycling plant that will produce food-grade recycled HDPE and PP. 

CAI Performance Additives announced two pelletized light stabilizing agents for use in polyolefin-based molded automotive components and other parts that deliver hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) in a masterbatch format. 

Plastics producer Dow joined the Cyclyx International consortium. 

Reclaimer PlastiCycle, based in Nashville, Tenn., bought a building in nearby Franklin, Ky., as part of a $6 million project to expand its operations in the first quarter of this year. 

Recycled film manufacturer Revolution announced it is uniting its brands under the Revolution name and renaming its business divisions the following: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Commercial, Sustainable Consumer, Sustainable Stretch Solutions and Sustainable Materials.

SC Johnson announced it has saved the equivalent of 1 billion bottles from entering oceans in partnership with The Plastic Bank, which recovered the equivalent of 2 billion bottles total from environments where the plastic was at risk of polluting water. 

Tekni-Plex Consumer Products introduced a version of its Dolco ProPlus foam polystyrene egg carton containing 25% PCR.

Unifi, the maker of Repreve recycled polyester fiber, will launch an enhanced supply chain certification and two new products: U TRUST Product Certification, Repreve SmartDye technology and Berry Compliant Knit Cord. Meanwhile, Walmart recently announced it has recycled the equivalent of 1 billion PET bottles through its use of Repreve recycled fibers.