Advanced Drainage Systems, which recycles plastic into industrial pipe, signed the America Recycles Day Pledge, which has a 50% national recycling rate target by 2030.

Eastman announced a collaboration with automotive recycler PADNOS and the United States Automotive Materials Partnership (USAMP) for a feasibility study to demonstrate chemical recycling of mixed plastics from end-of-life cars into new vehicles, using carbon renewal technology.

Thailand-based PET bottle recycling firm EcoBlue installed a Starlinger processing line at the company’s new $25 million facility.

Chair and desk manufacturer Humanscale launched the Liberty Ocean chair, which is made from recovered ocean plastic.

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) announced that, in 2020, its members recovered 1.8 million pounds of plastic.

Plastics firm Ravago acquired an equity interest in Alterra Energy, which operates an Akron, Ohio chemical recycling facility. Through the partnership, Ravago will supply recovered plastic to Alterra’s facility, which has the capacity to process 60 tons per day.

Equipment provider Sorema Company released details on a film-to-film recycling plant the company is supplying in Poland.