Row of Pepsi bottles on a supermarket shelf.

Currently, PepsiCo uses 30% RPET across the EU. | pixinoo/Shutterstock

PepsiCo will use only post-consumer PET in its plastic beverage packaging for certain brands sold in nine European countries by 2022, the company announced this month.

The brand owner on Dec. 2 said the shift will replace more than 150 million pounds per year of virgin resin with recycled plastic. The changes will take effect for the Pepsi soda brand in Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania and Spain in 2021.

The following year, the company will roll out 100% RPET bottles in Belgium, France, Great Britain and Luxembourg. In these countries, the change covers all PepsiCo soft drinks, beyond just Pepsi.

PepsiCo said the recycled material use “marks significant acceleration” toward the company’s goal of using 50% RPET in its plastic bottles across the European Union by 2030.

“Technological innovations in the use of recycled plastics in carbonated drink bottles, improvements in the appearance of recycled plastic, and greater availability of recycled materials on the market have made it possible for the company to accelerate its progress,” the company stated.

Currently, PepsiCo uses 30% RPET across the EU.

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