News of Nestle’s intentions to buy a huge quantity of food-grade recycled resin captured attention last month. | Formatoriginal/Shutterstock

A mix of stories drew readers’ interest last month, including articles about post-consumer resin commitments, a sorting technology, processing capacity increases and import policies.

The list below shows our top stories published in January in terms of unique page views.

1 | Nestlé wants to build markets by creating demand
Nestlé says it will buy a huge quantity of food-grade recycled resin over the next five years. A company leader explained why the brand owner is committing to use recycled plastic despite its higher cost.

2 | Avangard to supply Dow with PCR pellets
Dow signed a deal to buy recycled polyethylene pellets from Avangard Innovative, allowing the petrochemical giant to provide recycled-content plastic to North American customers for the first time.

3 | Companies embrace invisible barcode to aid in sorting
A major packaging producer will begin using a discrete barcode technology that can provide optical sorters with critical recycling information.

4 | US and Canada to add major processing capacity
The North American plastics recycling sector is poised to add over 1 billion pounds of annual capacity, according to a group charting processing growth.

5 | Another potential export disruption on the horizon
Officials in Beijing are set to enact new requirements around the purity of recycled pellets imported into China.