APR logoThe Association of Plastic Recyclers will explore high-interest topics during its 2018 webinars, including California’s packaging regulations, a project to pinpoint plastics that fall through the cracks, sustainable materials management’s relationship to recycling and more.

The following are the 2018 webinar dates and titles:

  • March 27: EU and CA Packaging Regulations: What do They Mean for Plastics Recycling?
  • April 17: APR Sorting Potential Protocols: Identifying Packages that Get Lost in the Recycling Process.
  • May 22: The APR Recycling Demand Champion Campaign: Proactively Building Demand for Recycled Plastics
  • June 26: Sustainable Materials Management: A Complement or a Barrier to Recycling?
  • Aug. 21: Life Cycle Inventory Analysis: The First Inventory to Include Recycled PET, HDPE and PP.
  • Sept. 25: Plastic Sorting Best Management Practices: Resources for MRFs, Municipalities & Reclaimers.

All webinars begin at 1 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesdays.

Details and registration for the webinars are available on APR’s website.

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