PetroChem Wire logoHDPE frac-melt mixed colors regrind from post-consumer and post-industrial scrap sold April 21 at 42 cents per pound picked up U.S. South, up 3 cents per pound from business done in early April.

Other business occurred at 38 to 40 cents per pound delivered Mid-Atlantic locations.

HDPE HMW regrind from drums and intermediate bulk containers was done at 24 to 27 cents per pound picked up U.S. South, down 1 cent per pound on the previous week’s low end of this price range. HDPE HMW repro sold at 48 to 52 cents per pound picked up U.S. South, up 2 cents per pound on the low end of the range.

The prime HDPE market saw weak buying interest and improved supply. Generic prime HDPE BM ended last week flat at 59 to 63 cents per pound railcar delivered. In PE contract news, some U.S. suppliers notified customers that their 3 cents per pound April increase was postponed to May 1. The proposed increase would be in addition to a 3 cents per pound increase implemented in March.

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