PetroChem Wire logoBottle-grade prime PET prices fell 1.25 cents per pound last week to 56.25 cents per pound, delivered Chicago. Imported PET with an intrinsic viscosity (IV) of 78 milliliters per gram or higher commanded 56 cents per pound delivered duty-paid, down 1 to 2 cents per pound from the previous week.

On the recycled side, PET prices appeared stable. Clear post-industrial filament fiber rPET flake was 35 to 38 cents per pound delivered U.S. Southeast and Midwest. Clear rPET flake from curbside bales held at 39 to 41 cents per pound delivered U.S. South.

In the off-spec PET market, material with an IV of less than 78 milliliters per gram was offered mid-April at 55 cents per pound picked up U.S. South, with business reportedly done at 53 cents per pound.

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