A package of equipment from New Jersey-based Foam Cycle aims to help organizations, including municipalities, with their expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling efforts.

The new company is offering what it calls the Foam Cycle container recycling system, a public collection bin, portable building and densifier. Its focus is to help local governments, schools, universities or businesses kickstart efficient EPS collections.

The “building” is a specially designed shipping container, complete with electrical hookups, interior lighting and exhaust fan. Inside of it is a densifier from RecycleTech capable of processing, depending on the model, 50 pounds to 200 pounds per hour of foam. It yields a 90-to-1 reduction in volume, allowing for economical transportation to a reclaimer.

The shipping containers allows for storage and processing of foam, regardless of weather conditions. It also allows staff to lock up and secure equipment when not in use.

Also included in the package is a public collection bin from RecyclingBin. Foam deposited into it falls into a super sack for carrying to storage or to the densifier.

About six months ago a unit was installed at a landfill in Sussex County, N.J. The Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority (SCMUA) is using it to offer an EPS recycling option for their residents. It lets the county collect protective packaging for durable goods, but SCMUA doesn’t accept packaging peanuts, foodservice packaging, colored EPS or materials with tape or labels.

“The Foam Cycle recycling has provided a tool for managing a difficult material at the Sussex County MUA Landfill,” said Reenee Casapulla, SCMUA recycling coordinator. “Collection and processing of the EPS was seamlessly integrated into the daily operations. County residents and businesses are excited to finally have a location they can bring their foam to be recycled.”


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