PetroChem WirePrices for recycled LDPE and LLDPE, film grade, moved sharply higher last week, following the upward movement in the prime market.

Recycled LDPE film grade in pellet form was reported sold in the low-40-cents-per-pound range delivered Midwest (38 to 40 cents per pound picked up). That’s up nearly a dime from prices reported earlier in the month. Prices for recycled LLDPE film grade followed a similar trajectory, up nearly 10 cents per pound to 39 to 41 cents per pound picked up.

In the U.S. domestic market, generic prime LDPE clarity film was priced at 72 to 74 cents per pound railcar delivered late last week, steady from the previous week but up 8 cents per pound from early 2017. Generic prime LLDPE butene film and HMWPE film were both 1 to 2 cents per pound higher last week than the previous week, at 63 to 66 cents per pound railcar delivered.

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