PetroChem WirePrime polystyrene prices have been rising since late 2016, but the recycled polystyrene market has shown little movement to date.

U.S. domestic prices for high impact polystyrene (HIPS) rose over 16 cents per pound from 89 cents per pound in mid-December 2016 to $1.055 per pound in mid-March 2017. Similarly, domestic general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) in that same period increased 16.5 cents per pound to 97.5 cents per pound.

The benzene market has been behind the rise in styrene and prime polystyrene prices since late 2016. But first quarter 2017 prime styrene supply has been constrained by plant outages, and this also has supported a round of prime PS price increases, the latest one announced for March.

In the same period, recycled polystyrene prices appear only slightly changed, with some grades up about a penny. HIPS white regrind, for instance, was bid at 30 to 31 cents per pound delivered Midwest in mid-December and was reported steady last week at 31 cents per pound delivered Midwest.

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