PetroChem WireRecycled white PVC pipe regrind was offered last week at 25 cents per pound delivered East Coast. Mixed colors of the same was offered at 20 cents per pound delivered to locations in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, down 2 cents per pound from the previous week. U.S. imports of PVC scrap totaled 21,476 metric tons in 2016, up 1,664 metric tons, or 8.4 percent, from 2015, the latest USA Trade Online data show. Imports came from 17 countries and were valued at $10.2 million.

Meanwhile, prices are moving higher in the prime PVC market where producers, who appear confident about achieving a 4 cents per pound increase for February, are seeking another 3 cents per pound in March and 3 cents per pound in April to bring the total increase to a potential 10 cents per pound in three months. Prime PVC buyers, however, are fighting the March and April increases, citing recent softening in the ethylene market. January’s contract prime pipe grade PVC net transaction price averaged 40 cents per pound. Contract PVC pricing for February is expected to settle within the next week or so, with most buyers paying the full 4 cents per pound price increase.

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