PetroChem Wire logoPrime and rPET prices have been rising in January, responding to higher feedstock costs and stronger end-user demand.

Late last week, business was discussed for bottle-grade prime PET at 56 to 57 cents per pound railcar, delivered Chicago. Clear U.S. Food and Drug Administration post-consumer rPET pellets were at 58 to 59 cents per pound FOB U.S. South, both up 1 cent per pound from the previous week. Prices for the raw materials PTA, MEG and PX are expected to rise this month due to rallying crude and natural gas prices.

Bottle-grade prime PET prices are currently about 4.5 cents per pound higher than they were this time last year. Recycled PET clear pellet prices, however, stand about 7 cents per pound lower than they were in early January 2016, bringing prime and recycled PET much closer in price.

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