PetroChem Wire logoPrices for recycled CoPP and HoPP flake and pellet were lower at the start of 2017, with the biggest decline seen for CoPP injection-grade repro. This shift was driven by weaker end-user and reprocessor demand and oversupply.

Black injection-grade CoPP repro from post-industrial regrind was offered at 40 to 42 cents per pound FOB Midwest, down from nearly 50 cents per pound at the end of December. Black injection-grade pellet with U.S. Food and Drug Administration designation was 10 to 15 cents per pound higher than non-FDA, delivered U.S./Eastern Canada.

Post-industrial CoPP injection regrind was 25 to 27 cents per pound FOB Midwest late last week, down 2 cents per pound from the previous week. Injection-grade HoPP pellet, black and mixed color, slipped 5 cents per pound in the first week of the new year to 39 to 40 cents per pound FOB U.S. East Coast.

In the prime PP market, prices were stronger at the end of 2016 leading into 2017. Generic prime HoPP injection molding ended last week at 50 cents per pound railcar delivered, up 4 cents per pound compared with four weeks earlier.

Medium impact CoPP was also up 4 cents per pound over the past four weeks, at 52 cents per pound. Resale prices for decent off-grade HoPP were put in a range of 42 to 47 cents per pound railcar delivered.

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