PetroChem Wire logoPrime PET prices were higher in late November due to anticipation that average costs for PET feedstock (raws) will rise in December. This includes PTA, MEG and PX. Average December raws prices are now expected over 50 cents per pound, up from previous estimates of 49 to 49.8 cents per pound.

Prime bottle grade PET was discussed at 55 to 56 cents per pound railcar delivered Chicago in the first few days of December, up 1.5 cents per pound from late November, and clear recycled FDA PET pellet (post-consumer resin) at 58 to 60 cents per pound FOB Midwest, up 2 cents per pound. PCR PET still commands a premium over prime PET due to recycling costs and demand from packaging manufacturers in need of recycled PET in their production mix.

Recycled PET flake prices for all grades were up 1 cent per pound last week, reversing course from the previous week. Demand rose from end users in need of recycled PET in their production process. Post-industrial food-grade scrap sheet flake was at 40 to 41 cents per pound FOB Midwest. Clear FDA PET flake from curbside bottles and containers and other PET scrap was at 42 to 43 cents per pound FOB.

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