PetroChem WireHoPP repro and regrind prices fell last week on an oversupply of recyclable post-industrial and post-consumer PP scrap in many parts of the U.S.

HoPP injection grade, mixed colors (MC) regrind sold at 32 to 34 cents per pound delivered East Coast (30 to 32 cents per pound FOB), down 4 cents per pound from a week earlier. HoPP injection MC repro was at 45 to 48 cents per pound FOB Midwest, down 3 cents per pound.

The increase in plastic recyclables this year, including PP bottle caps and packaging from curbside and post-industrial plant run-off, comes as the U.S. off-grade PP supply has grown in some locations and put further pressure on PP prices.

In the domestic resale market for injection prime HoPP, prices were assessed flat at 45 to 47 cents per pound railcar delivered last week. That is down from 53.5 to 54 cents per pound in late October.

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