In Other NewsGreen is the new black when it comes to beer can carriers in Vermont, and Pennsylvania lawmakers are one step closer to a ban on bag bans.

Plastic bottle battle: Amid news of potential bottled water plants coming to Ontario, there is disagreement about just what percentage of plastic bottles get recycled. Global News says that Nestle reports a rate of 70 percent to 75 percent, while an environmental non-profit organization reports the number is 14 percent.

Ban on the ban: A Pennsylvania House of Representatives committee recently passed a bill that prohibits plastic bag bans. It also restricts any municipalities or retailers from charging a fee for plastic bags. A related bill establishing a plastic bag recycling advisory board is still in committee.

Dense EPS: The Niagara Region of Ontario has installed a polystyrene foam densifier at its municipally owned recycling facility. The Niagara Region collects EPS both curbside and at drop-off centers.

Brewery goes green: A brewery in Vermont is switching its can carriers from black plastic to green plastic, says the Burlington Free Press. Rock Art Brewery is making the move because the black plastic is no longer recyclable through the local solid waste district.

Pros and cons of plastic: Chemical and Engineering News highlights the advantages and disadvantages of multi-layer, flexible film packaging that is ubiquitous in grocery stores. The article points out the material prevents food waste but is more difficult to recycle.