In Other NewsA co-polyester to boost the properties of recycled PET goes on the market in Europe, and new shredders, wash lines, extruders and melt filters are unveiled.

Boosting PET’s properties: Swedish chemical company Perstorp has announced the availability in Europe of the Akestra thermoplastic co-polyester, which can be mixed with up to 80 percent recycled PET to improve the plastic’s properties. With its high clarity, heat resistance and melt strength, Akestra’s additive is expected to be used in disposable food packaging, particularly for hot food and drink.

Washing away contaminants: Lindner washTech has released a new post-consumer plastics wash line designed for highly contaminated pre-shredded material. The Rafter system has a nominal throughput of 3,300 pounds per hour to 5,500 pounds per hour.

Carbon fiber recycling: A U.K. company plans to open a carbon fiber recycling plant in the U.S. in the next three years, Plastics News reports. ELG, which currently has one carbon fiber recycling facility in England, is also planning to expand to Germany.

New extruder, filter designs: Austrian extruder manufacturer MAS is introducing new designs for its extrusion and melt filter technology to mark its 10th anniversary. The company is unveiling a new conical, co-rotating, twin-screw lab extruder; a new third generation MAS extruder; and a latest generation continuous disc filter (CDF) melt filter.

Open-hearted shredder design: Rapid Granulator is introducing a new series of shredders for plastics it calls its Raptor Series. The modularly designed units feature an “open-hearted” design, in addition to other new features. The design provides quick and direct access to the shredder rotor and cutter chamber, simplifying the cleaning and service process.