In Other NewsWaste Management’s CEO talks about disinvesting in recycling, and an agricultural plastics recycling program is expanding.

Become a recycler: Want to start your own plastics recycling business? Ecopreneurist offers some tips on how to get started.

Ag plastics recycling: A recycling program for agricultural plastics is expanding into western Wisconsin. According to the Dunn County News, Revolution Plastics will collect ag films, turn them into pellets and use them to make industrial trash can liners.

Recycling disinvestment: Waste Management CEO David Steiner says his company is disinvesting in recycling. As reported by The Street, Steiner said recycling is 8 percent of Waste Management’s business, down from 12 percent five years ago. With the drop in business, Waste Management has decreased the amount it invests in recycling, from about $350 million to less than $20 million a year.