UPM Water BottleInternational labels company UPM Raflatac has been in the news for its work developing recycling-friendly labels for beverage containers.

The August edition of Plastics Recycling Update magazine includes a feature story on the in-depth testing conducted on the company’s new full-wrap shrink sleeve label, called RafShrink PO MDO 40 HS. The testing found the label allows optical sorters to correctly sort the underlying PET bottle. Further down the recycling line, the label separates from the PET and floats in float-sink tanks.

The innovation was recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for meeting the APR Shrink Sleeve Critical Guidance Document Protocol.

In addition, UPM Raflatac recently announced that its wash-off adhesive for pressure-sensitive labels on PET bottles meets APR criteria. The announcement was for the company’s RW85C wash-off adhesive used on two different labels stocks: the 2.6 mil PP Pearlescent TC and 1.6 mil PP Clear TC labels.

A letter from APR confirmed the label stocks and adhesive meet or exceed APR’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label for PET Bottles Critical Guidance Document requirements, according to UPM Raflatac.

“Meeting APR standards is truly a significant step for UPM Raflatac in demonstrating the company’s commitment to the environmental impact and recyclability of its products,” Daryl Northcott, director of the Films & Specials Business for UPM Raflatac in the Americas, stated in a press release.

Common uses for the label, which are now available in the Americas, are for bottled water and juice containers.