PetroChem Wire logoCoPP injection-grade pellet and flake prices were up 4 cents per pound last week, following strong demand from converter plants and the upward momentum in the propylene monomer and prime polypropylene markets.

Business was discussed at 49 to 54 cents per pound for CoPP repro and 36 to 37 cents per pound for CoPP regrind, both up 4 cents per pound, FOB Midwest and U.S. South.

Last week in the spot prime polypropylene market, suppliers responded to the recent uptick in propylene monomer values. Some PP spot offers were up 4 cents per pound versus July, but there continued to be considerable divergence in price ideas. Supply was reported to be more balanced this month, but spot material was still readily available.

Meanwhile, market talk revealed expectations of an increase of 3 to 5 cents per pound in polymer grade propylene contracts for August, and possibly further increases in September.

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