Wide world of plastics recyclingA bottle deposit system is being pushed in England, and plastic film recycling expands in New Zealand.

England: The head of the Campaign to Protect Rural England is pushing for a bottle deposit program, notes the Daily Mail. The proposal would apply to bottled water. Consumers would pay a 5 pence (7 cents) fee per bottle, but get 10 pence (13 cents) back when they return it to a store.

India: The government in Kozhikode, India, is looking for a company to run the local plastics recycling plant. The plant in the city of 550,000 people opened in 2013 but shut down just two years later. According to the Times of India, the contractor was finding the plant difficult to run because of “frequent attacks by anti-social elements.”

New Zealand: A grocery store chain is expanding its plastic film recycling program, according to Scoop. Countdown will add 53 more bins to its stores, allowing consumers to drop off items like plastic bags, bread bags and even chip bags.

Jamaica: A PE bottle recycling program is launching in Jamaica, with the help of the Japanese government, writes Recycling International. The goal is to reduce the number of PE bottles that end up in landfill.

England: A pilot program that allowed more plastics to be collected curbside could expand outside of the Cornwall region. West Briton reports about 46,000 households participated in the program, which allowed them to recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays at the curb, in addition to previously accepted plastic bottles.

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