A report detailing the closure of one of North America’s largest plastics reclaimers, and an update on India’s scrap imports ban are among the headlines that captured the attention of Plastics Recycling Update readers last month.

The list below shows the five Plastics Recycling Update online articles with the most unique page views during the month of July.

1 | Market conditions force closure of reclaimer Entropex
Entropex, one of North America’s largest plastics reclaimers, has laid off employees, ceased operations and will be put up for sale.

2 | EPS recycling company receives financing to scale up technology
A Quebec company using essential oils to prepare polystyrene foam for recycling has raised millions of dollars to build a bigger plant.

3 | India relaxes ban on scrap plastic imports
After banning imports of plastic scrap earlier this year, the Indian government has decided to allow exceptions under specific circumstances.

4 | Alabama city takes charge of failed mixed-waste facility
Montgomery, Ala. has reached an agreement to assume ownership of Infinitus Energy’s shuttered mixed-waste processing operation.

5 | Plastic cans cause contamination concerns
Plastic cans with metal lids might provide consumers with a better look at what’s inside, but that doesn’t mean the plastic recycling industry is happy about the innovation.