In Other NewsA drugstore chain in British Columbia is ramping up its plastic film recycling efforts, and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries alters some recovered plastics specifications.

Plastic film recycling program: London Drugs, a pharmacy chain in Vancouver, British Columbia, is now offering plastic bag, plastic wrap and foam packaging recycling at 11 of its locations. The one-year pilot project with Multi-Material BC will explore whether similar collection efforts can be offered in other parts of the province.

Cost of closures: More than 300 California redemption centers have closed in the past year, which, according to KPCC, is leaving a mark on the state’s homeless population. Many of those individuals earn money by recycling bottles and cans and are now finding that path to be even more difficult.

ISRI additions: The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries has made changes to its Scrap Specifications Circular. It has approved a new specification for auto bumpers as well as amended electronics plastics specifications. The circular is a guide for buyers and sellers of materials.

Plastic decking market on the rise: A new report on the plastic decking market shows the market size is estimated to grow to $4.69 billion by 2021. The report by MarketsandMarkets says the market was worth $2.55 billion in 2015.