A Japanese innovator has developed a system to de-label recovered plastic bottles, and a Wisconsin company picks up a patent for film recycling technology.

Lancaster, Penn.-based Ecore International, Inc. was awarded Patent No. 9,340,970 for a recycled rubber backing for vinyl flooring.

Shawano, Wis.-based Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc. developed a method for post-consumer scrap film recycling and was given Patent No. 9,346,192.

A recycling-friendly enclosure for plastic containers is the subject of Patent No. 9,346,200, awarded to Cincinnati-headquartered Procter & Gamble Company.

Patent No. 9,352,366, concerning a scrap plastic bottle de-labeling and recovery system, was awarded to Susumu Yamada, from Maibara, Japan.

Patent No. 9,353,237, awarded to Plymouth, Mich.-based Plastipak Packaging, Inc., concerns a system and method for recycling of bio-based plastics.

A device for the separation of different types of shredded plastic is the subject of Patent No. 9,358,552, awarded to Neutraubling, Germany’s KRONES AG.

New South Wales, Australia’s DataTrace DNA Pty Ltd. has developed a method of tracking materials, such as plastics, using trace incorporation of luminescent markers and was given Patent No. 9,361,561.

A method for recycling polyoxymethylene (POM) polymers, developed by Taunus, Germany’s Ticona GMBH was awarded Patent No. 9,365,537.

Patent No. 9,365,775, describing a method of converting waste plastics into fuel via pyrolysis, was given to Evanston, Ill.-based Yags LLC.

Baytown, Texas-based ExxonMobil Chemical Patents Inc. was given Patent No. 9,371,406 for a method of recycling scrap polyethylene.

A device for inspection and recycling of containers is the subject of Patent No. 9,372,180, awarded to Neutraubling, Germany’s KRONES AG.

A scrap material shredding and compressing system is the subject of Patent No. 9,375,721, awarded to Calabash, N.C.-based James L. Lewis, Sr.

Osaka, Japan’s Panasonic Corporation was given Patent No. 9,381,546 for a scrap material separation device.

Patent No. 9,381,678, which describes a method of recycling plastic film that contains adhesive, was awarded to Welzheim, Germany’s Wolfgang Leitz.

David D.B. Rice, from Montrose, W.V., developed a method of compounding scrap plastics and was given Patent No. 9,387,640.

For more information on these or any patents, please consult the U.S. Patent Office database at patft.uspto.gov.