In Other NewsPlastic foam isn’t going out of style, and one forecast predicts steady growth in the global recycled plastics market.

Foam demand on the rise: A new study by The Freedonia Group predicts the U.S. demand for plastic foams will rise 2.3 percent per year to 8.8 billion pounds by the year 2020. The study predicts rigid polyurethane foam will continue to be the most used.

Bag ban: San Diego’s City Council voted 6-3 on July 19 to impose a ban on plastic bags, making the city of 1.36 million people the 150th municipality in California to approve a bag ban, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. This fall, California voters will decide whether to uphold a statewide ban on plastic bags. That statewide ban has not yet taken effect.

Same tea, different package: Here’s the latest example of the “evolving ton” of materials heading into the waste and recycling stream: AriZona Beverages is moving away from glass bottles and will start using plastic, reports Plastics Today.

Global markets: A report from Research and Markets predicts the global recycled plastics market to grow at a 4.3 percent compound annual rate over the next four years.

NYC capture rate: The New York City Independent Budget Office posted a blog entry recently that details how much of the city’s curbside recyclables are actually getting recycled. The blog reveals the city has about a 44 percent capture rate, which isn’t sitting well with some residents.

Plastic bag ban changes: The Seattle City Council is considering some rule changes to its 2012 plastic bag ban. KING 5 reports the Council might impose rules on what color plastic bags exempt businesses can give out to customers. It’s also considering an extension to the 5-cent charge for paper bags, which is set to expire in December.