A patented process for turning plastics to wax and a forward-looking update from Europe were among the topics that captured our readers’ attention last month.

1 | Transforming low-value plastics into high-value waxes
Through its use of a catalyst in a patented process, a Canadian company is recycling PE and PP into a variety of industrial waxes.

2 | Ontario lawmakers approve full EPR for packaging
Ontario has passed legislation ushering in full producer-paid recycling of packaging materials throughout the province of more than 13 million people.

3 | Polyester fiber operation set to open in Alabama
A recycled polyester fiber company backed by the leaders of reclaimer Custom Polymers announced plans to begin operating this summer.

4 | European plastics recycling experts lay out key concerns
Leading executives involved in European plastics recycling convened in Portugal in mid-June to address the current state of affairs and to look into the future of the industry.

5 | Fixes and fears from California deposit legislation
A California bill aims to stem the tide of beverage container redemption center closures in the Golden State. But it also threatens the entire container-recycling industry in the state if lawmakers fail to make reforms by next April.