Abb-1-AnlagenbildA wet shredder and hydrocyclone separation system from Herbold Meckesheim is helping a Netherlands reclaimer process film for recycling.

German equipment company Herbold Meckesheim installed a plastics wash line at Rodepa Plastics, which is using the equipment to produce resin for 100-percent-recycled-content bin liners, protective sheets and construction foils.

Herbold Meckesheim recently wrote about the system, which was launched earlier this year, and how it handles contaminated film streams.

“The wet shredder integrated into the washing plant and the hydrocyclone separation technology are the outstanding construction features,” according to the company.

The wet shredder reduces material size while removing contamination, and the hydrocyclone equipment separates the desired polyolefins from other plastics, achieving greater stream purity than float-sink tanks can achieve, the company writes. Additionally, the hydrocyclone further washes the plastic to remove organic materials, common in household LDPE streams.

Rodepa Plastics produces about 27,000 metric tons of recycled plastic each year across four sites in the Netherlands, Italy and Slovakia. It focuses on five different resins.

Herbold Meckesheim makes film washing equipment ranging from 1,100 pounds per hour to 6,600 pounds per hour.