Patent watchOur look at recent industry-related patents includes details on a recycling-friendly label adhesive and a plastic aerosol dispenser that can be recycled.

Ardee, Ireland’s Mcor Technologies Ltd. was awarded Patent No. 9,278,370 for a recycling-friendly label adhesive.

A method of recycling floor coverings such as carpet is the subject of Patent No. 9,284,431, given to Clariant International Ltd., headquartered in Muttenz, Switzerland.

Patent No. 9,284,694, concerning a method of making road-bed material in part from scrap polyurethane, was awarded to Redding, Calif.-based Technisoil Industrial LLC.

Ansfelden, Austria’s Erema Engineering Recycling was given Patent Nos. 9,289,774, 9,289,919 and 9,296,128 for various pieces of equipment for processing scrap plastic materials.

A component of a reverse vending machine is the subject of Patent No. 9,292,991, awarded to Shelton, Conn.-based Tomra North America.

Patent No. 9,296,127, concerning a method of plastics recovery from durable goods, was given to Nottinghamshire, Great Britain’s MBA Polymers.

Cincinnati-headquartered Procter & Gamble developed a recyclable plastic aerosol dispenser and was awarded Patent No. 9,296,550.

A method of making polyester film from recovered PET is the subject of Patent No. 9,296,868, given to Osaka, Japan’s Toyobo Co. Ltd.

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