Micro_Dryer_and_HopperMicro dryers from manufacturer Dri-Air are ideal for plastics processors requiring exceptionally dry plastics but not in exceptional quantities.

East Windsor, Conn.-based Dri-Air now has smaller hopper sizes, including 12 ounces and 32 ounces, available for its micro dryers. The small-sized equipment can be mounted directly to a small extruder, micro-molder or 3-D printer. The direct mounting eliminates the concern the plastic will regain moisture.

“Ideal for medical-grade resins, these dryers provide a continuous stream of low-dew-point air and are available for compressed air or nitrogen drying,” according to a Dri-Air press release.

The dryers can reduce moisture levels to below 50 parts per million. The compressed air versions create dew points of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Nitrogen dryers can achieve dew points of -80 degree Fahrenheit while also removing oxygen, which is necessary for some resins, the company noted.

The company’s hoppers use butyrate plastic exteriors for insulation and are lined with Pyrex glass to eliminate contamination and provide a clear view of material levels. All other contact surfaces are stainless steel.

In business since 1974, Dri-Air makes dryers that can dry from as little as one pound per hour to a much as 3,000 pounds per hour.