PetroChem Wire logoDemand for mix-colored, pipe-grade regrind PVC is picking up with the arrival of warmer weather and increased construction.

Last week material was offered at 15 cents per pound delivered East Coast and some felt the market was poised to increase further.

March prices remained unsettled in the prime PVC market, leaving pipe grade quoted at 58 to 61 cents per pound delivered in the first week of April. One producer announced last week that it was raising its prime PVC price by 6 cents per pound on May 1, but no competitors had followed.

Previously announced price increases for prime PVC were 5 cents per pound for March and 3 cents per pound for April. Most producers were talking about prime PVC prices realistically rising as much as 4 cents per pound for March, but final settlements were not expected before the end of April.

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