A plastics recycling firm in Central Florida says investments are in place to build two wash lines and sell almost six months-worth of agricultural plastics.

Florida Agricultural Plastic Recyclers (FLAG) announced the news Wednesday, noting that more than 30 million pounds of LDPE ag-plastic is ready to leave the company’s 65,000-square-foot Avon Park processing facility. An additional 30 to 40 million pounds of material “abandoned by the recycling community” will be aggregated and sold by year’s end, the company says.

At present, the company “has agreements to sell over 40 million pounds” of the material to buyers around the world as well as “national retailers.”

If all goes as planned, FLAG will add two more wash lines by the end of 2014 to “fully utilize” the company’s facility and accommodate growth in the supply of recycled LDPE film.

Annual global production of virgin LDPE approaches 50 billion pounds, and the company would like to work with farmers throughout the Southeast to ensure that film can be recycled and put back to work.